SEIU Corruption Flies Below the Radar

David A. Bego
Big Government

The SEIU’s Insidious Tentacles continue to infiltrate government and politics at the expense of its own rank and file without attracting national media attention. Interestingly enough the mainstream media will not peek beneath the covers and investigate reports by employees and employers, such as those detailed in The Devil at My Doorstep, who have been abused by the SEIU’s ruthless tactics and/or the reports of corrupt political connections , government infiltration and pay-to-play ties to the current administration. Several interesting stories have surfaced during the past month, yet not one has received the national attention it deserves through investigative journalism by the national mainstream media.

Among the events:

1. )  On November 10, 2011 a Washington Examiner article reported on SEIU activities in Michigan, a state desperately attempting to pass a RTW bill to stop big labor from usurping employee rights and money, involving the SEIU’s infiltration of state government and how the SEIU Siphons ‘Dues’ from Mich. Medicaid Payments.

2. )  On November 16, Michelle Malkin revealed that  former SEIU President Andy Stern utilized his membership on the board for a California pharmaceutical company to facilitate a half billion dollar drug deal for the company.  See the article: Obama’s Half-Million-Dollar Crony Drug Deal; Related non-shocker: SEIU endorses Obama.

3. )  That same day, November 16, 2011, SEIU came out in support of President Obama for the 2012 election as seen in the article Endorsing Obama, SEIU Says President for 99%.

4. )  On November 19, 2011, “Mariam the Mighty” and her group of fellow disgruntled SEIU members in California staged an anti-rally against the SEIU during its support of Occupy Sacramento.

For more information, reference the following videos and images: Occupy Sacramento Protestors March to Governor Brown’s Home and Audit SEIU.

Mariam and her fellow members are obviously tired of the SEIU and its abuse of members’ dues. In fact, this past week Mariam Noujaim commented on The Devil at My Doorstep’s blog, Right to Work: A Basic American Freedom, “Many Union Members are not happy with their organization, but feel powerless to do anything. Let’s spread the word to demand transparency. The more their books and finances are exposed the less popular amongst their own members their officers will be. Slowly but surely we can return the Labor Unions to their Members.” …

The article, with video, continues at Big Government.

UpdateSEIU Job Description: Train & Lead Members to Occupy State Buildings & Takeover Banks

If there was ever any question whether the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is a radical and militantly Marxist union, this SEIU jobs description for a Senior/Lead Internal Organizer, Home Care, posted on the SEIU’s website should remove all doubts…

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