Sen. Cruz welcomed home to Texas with standing ovations



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Jim Forsyth
20 Oct 2013

SAN ANTONIO (Reuters) – Republican U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, a favorite of the conservative Tea Party movement, returned home to a rousing welcome in Texas on Saturday after his attempt to derail Obamacare with a shutdown of the federal government led to sharp criticism of his tactics as reckless and futile.

“After two months in Washington, it’s great to be back in America,” Cruz joked in speaking to a crowd of about 750 people in a packed downtown San Antonio hotel ballroom.

Cruz was greeted with an eight-minute standing ovation in an appearance organized by the Texas Federation of Republican Women. People in attendance, many of them wearing red to show their support for keeping Texas a conservative-leaning state, lined up to greet him…

…A Gallup poll released on October 10 found he had gained significant name recognition, but the percentage of Americans with an unfavorable view of him has jumped to 36 percent from 18 percent in June.

But the welcome Cruz received in Texas demonstrated his popularity among many Republican activists has grown.

In an interview with Reuters after his speech, Cruz said there is “a lot to be encouraged about” after the battle in Washington…


The complete article is at Reuters.


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Sen. Ted Cruz on ObamaCare Disaster: “When the Truth is on Your Side, You’re in a Good Situation. The Truth Is, this Thing Isn’t Working”

Nice interview tonight by Greta Van Susteren with Sen. Ted Cruz. When asked about the disastrous ObamaCare rollout, Cruz responded, “In any political fight, when the truth is on your side, you’re in a good situation. And here the truth is, this thing isn’t working.”



White House Directly Refutes Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin Claim a GOP Leader Told Obama He Couldn’t Stand to Look at Him: “It DID NOT Happen”

Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin was directly contradicted today by the White House in his apparent claim that a Republican told Barack Obama in a recent meeting, “I can’t even stand to look at you.” Jay Carney said, “I looked into this, and spoke to someone who was in that meeting – and it DID NOT happen.”

What a complete embarrassment for Dick Durbin. He should go to the floor of the U.S. Senate and apologize to Republicans for saying such a thing.



Photo: Senator Cruz’s Facebook page.

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