Sen. Lincoln will for cloture on “jobs bill”

Despite Sen. Blanche Lincoln’s criticisms of Porkulus 2.0 aka the new $15 billion “jobs bill”, she will still vote for cloture on the bill, as she continues to seal her fate for the November 2010 election. According to Politico, her announcement Friday afternoon is an indicator that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) is succeeding in holding key Democrats together to support a scaled-back $15 billion measure he announced last week.

“I do not think Arkansans want us to stop at a ‘slimmed down’ effort to put people back to work,” Lincoln said in her statement. “Sen. Reid’s alternative does contain provisions I support, but I see no reason we cannot move forward on the Baucus-Grassley measure, which does more.”

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