Sen. Rand Paul Delivers Response to President’s Speech on Military Action in Syria



Related: Megan McArdle: Gee, Obama Sort of Went Out of His Way to Insult People Whose Support He Sought, Huh?

…His argument was, in essence: Republicans, you may not care about the freedom and dignity of foreigners, or children writhing in pain and going still on a cold hospital floor. But you sure do love war and the military! We’re going to restore dignity, freedom and life to some foreigners by bombing them — couldn’t you overlook the fact that foreigners will benefit, as long as we get to blow some stuff up?..



Also at the site, A Different Take From Neo-Neocon: Actually Obama Insulted Everybody 

…Neo-Neocon is on to something. I just realized the point of Obama’s horrific formulation: Another implied self-brag.

See, the Left understands Freedom and Dignity.

The Right, crude-minded simians that they are, understands Military Might.

But only Obama, the Moral and Physical Hero, understands the beautiful union of the two.

In the personhood (?–personhood? Maybe not personhood, maybe something grander) of Barack Obama, we find the perfect synthesis of all virtue.

Why, he’s almost Arthurian in his mind…



Update: Babs crawls out from under her rockLeftist Democrat Sen. Barbara Boxer Attacks Sen. Rand Paul; Calls His Rebuttal of Obama’s Syria Speech “an Absolute Disgrace”; Calls for Him to Apologize to Obama

Here is leftist Democrat Sen. Barbara Boxer attacking Sen. Rand Paul for saying last night that President Obama’s plan to strike Syria would likely help Al-Qaeda terrorists come to power in Syria. She called his remarks an “absolute disgrace.” Boxer said Paul owes Obama an apology, and attacked him particularly for making the remarks “on the eve of 9/11.”

No, the only “disgrace” that was on the air last night was the current occupant of the Oval Office. Rand Paul does not owe Obama an apology for telling the truth!



Update 2: Democratic Strategist: Syria ‘One of the Most Humiliating Episodes in Presidential History’


Also, The Two Major Problems With President Obama’s Syria Address

…Tuesday, the President needed to convince the public that the moral obligation of the United States is to intervene against ruthless dictators. For too many Americans, that address has been given one too many times…


H/T Judge Andrew Napolitano who also linked to Poll: 2013 is the beginning of a “libertarian renaissance”



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