Sen. Ted Cruz Delivers the Commencement Address at Hillsdale College


11 May 2013 at Hillsdale College.





UpdatePalin Honors HS Grads. in Town that Helped Her Dad 49 Yrs. Ago: ‘You Got Us on Our Path’

Sarah Palin showed on Saturday she never forgets her roots, saying she was honored to address high school graduates in a small town in Washington that helped her father 49 years ago when his station wagon broke down on his way to Alaska.

Speaking at Republic High School’s graduation, Palin said she was honored to address the 27 graduating seniors at the high school in the small town of Republic, Washington.

She movingly spoke about her father who grew up in Sandpoint, Idaho, and she recalled how he liked the line about “looking out for the other fellow” in the movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”

Palin told the audience a story about a teacher who had a dream to move to Alaska, America’s last frontier, and may have only gotten there because of the random kindness of strangers in a small town that looked out for the other fellow…


There is a link to the video at Big Government.


Update: Howard Dean: “Right-Wing Nut Job” Ted Cruz Doesn’t “Care About The Country” 



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