Senate Democrats Push ‘Most Anti-Second Amendment’ Obama Nominee

Matthew Boyle
Big Government
27 Feb 2013

As part of their ongoing war on guns, Senate Democrats are planning to push confirmation of Caitlin Halligan to the DC Court of Appeals. A Senate GOP aide told Breitbart News that she’s the “most anti-Second Amendment nominee” Obama has ever put forward.

The aide told Breitbart News that Halligan’s advocacy against the Second Amendment goes back to her record as New York State’s Solicitor General. “This is part of the Democrats’ crusade against the Second Amendment,” the GOP aide said.

In a May 5, 2003 speech, Halligan revealed that she played a role in lawsuits against firearms manufacturers in which authorities were attempting to hold them accountable for crimes committed with firearms. Her comments came in the context of bashing the then-pending Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA).

“If enacted, this legislation would nullify lawsuits brought by nearly 30 cities and counties –including one filed by my office—as well as scores of lawsuits brought by individual victims or groups harmed by gun violence,” Halligan said. “Such an action would likely cut off at the pass any attempt by States to find solutions – through the legal system or their own legislatures – that might reduce gun crime or promote greater responsibility among gun dealers.”

In late 2011, Senate Republicans successfully filibustered Halligan’s nomination for the same slot. After her nomination failed, President Obama re-nominated her in mid-2012. That nomination timed out at the end of the 112th Congress and Obama re-nominated her again in early 2013…

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