Senate Dems Block Resolution Honoring Margaret Thatcher

Duane Lester
Liberty News

Sixteen Republicans tripped over each other to help pass gun control legislation today, while the Democrats they joined blocked a resolution honoring The Iron Lady:

A Senate resolution to honor Lady Thatcher was supposed to pass last night.  However, per well placed sources on the Hill, Democrats have a hold on the resolution.

To refuse to honor a woman of such great historical and political significance, who was deeply loyal to the United States, is petty and shameful.  One truly has to wonder, what is it about Lady Thatcher that gives them pause?  Her unfaltering commitment to freedom?  Or perhaps the way she fought for individual liberty and limited government?

All of the above.

Remember, the left was holding death parties for Thatcher.

I wonder how many Democrats standing in the way of this resolution wish they could have attended.


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