Senator Jim DeMint to Offer Term Limits Constitutional Amendment

by Adam Bitely
22 October 2009

From today’s episode of Jim DeMint’s podcast:


Hello again. I’m Senator Jim DeMint, and this is Freedomcast for October 22, 2009.

You know, the longer I stay in Washington, the more I have come to realize that the problem in the federal government isn’t just the people… it’s the process.

The system itself is so much more powerful than either party or interest group, let alone one president or congressional leader.

In Washington, the rules of the game are rigged — in favor of bigger government, higher taxes, more debt, and the time-honored system of political back-scratching of “go along to get along.”

Fifteen years ago, Republicans — who had been out of power in Congress for forty years – made term limits a centerpiece of their “Contract with America” agenda.

The term limits constitutional amendment ultimately failed, in part because so many new reform-minded congressmen imposed term limits on themselves. After six or eight years, these members voluntarily went home, leaving behind those Republicans and Democrats who fully intended to make a career inside the beltway.

The fact is, party doesn’t matter when it comes to reform. If you want to change the policies, you have to change the process.

The transcript continues at NetRightNation.

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