Senators Lee and McCain introduce the ‘Reducing Federal Ownership of Public Lands Act’


Senators Mike Lee and John McCain will introduce “The Reducing Federal Ownership of Public Lands Act” to reduce federal ownership of certain public lands and allow these lands to be sold for means of production.

The bill will push for the Secretary of Interior to dispose federal lands labeled as suitable for sale in a 1997 Clinton Administration report. With this bill, according to Sen. Lee, the amount of land sold would be equal to about 1% of all land managed by the Bureau of Land Management, and less than half of one percent of all federal land.

Representative Jason Chaffetz, also of Utah, recently introduced a similar bill in the House.

More from Sen. Lee:

“It’s been more than a decade since the land was deemed suitable for disposal and there is no critical need for the federal government to hold on to it,” said Senator Lee. “The sale of the land alone could generate more than a $1 billion, and there is further economic benefit of putting the land to good use. That will mean jobs, future growth, and better prosperity for the surrounding areas.”

“It’s good for the state of Utah and I am happy to work with Senator McCain and my fellow Utahn Representative Chaffetz in the House in supporting the move.”…

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