Seven Politicians Making Fools Out of You

And not only on April Fools’ Day…

Ed Krayewski
Reason Magazine

Today is April Fools’ Day, the one day of the year set aside for trying to prank friends or strangers without appearing juvenile. Newspapers, magazines, and even television programs have used the day to fool people…

…instead of risking looking like a jackass by trying to fool you, I’ve rounded up some jackass politicians making fools out of you 365 days a year, whether you expect it or not. The list is by no means a complete one…


If you like your president, you can keep him. Barack Obama was re-elected in 2012 with less votes than he got in 2008—the first time that’s happened in a U.S. presidential election—despite running against Mitt Romney, a candidate who ran a horrible campaign himself.

The broken promises kept piling up after Obama’s re-election. You couldn’t keep your health insurance plan after all—in fact, Obamacare was built on a house of lies. And they weren’t the only ones.

The 2013 Snowden disclosures put Obama and his administration on a defensive that ended up revealing their deceptions. The administration’s weaponization of the Internal Revenue Service, meanwhile, is just one manifestation of the hyper-partisan atmosphere the executive branch has fed on while expanding its powers, a far cry from the promise that a vote for Obama wouldn’t be a vote for George W. Bush’s third term.



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