Sham Angelides Commission Will Protect ACORN

by Phil Kerpen
September 17, 2009

Congress’s official investigation into the financial crisis, the so-called Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission, will convene its first meeting today. Unfortunately, Nancy Pelosi’s handpicked chairman of the commission Phil Angelides, has deep ties to radical left-wing politics, including the Van Jones-connected Apollo Alliance, which he chairs, and ACORN, which is an Apollo member and endorsed and actively supported his gubernatorial campaign. His selection proves the commission will be a politicized attempt to advance a left-wing agenda through a revisionist history of the financial crisis. It also assures that ACORN and other community organizers who forced banks to make reckless loans in the name of affordable housing will be let off the hook.

Angelides’s San Francisco-based Apollo Alliance describes itself as a “coalition of labor, business, environmental, and community leaders working to catalyze a clean energy revolution.” Based on the radical past of some of its key figures, the use of the word revolution is appropriate. Apollo was conceived of, and presently serves, as a clearing house to align the otherwise disparate interests of environmental groups, labor unions, social justice organizations, and rent-seeking corporations..

…Apollo’s roster of endorsers includes the AFL-CIO, the SEIU, the United Steelworkers, Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, ACORN, the Ella Baker Center, and all the major wind and solar industry players. By uniting labor unions with environmentalists, Apollo seeks to repair the historical rift between those elements of the big-government coalition by tapping the U.S. Treasury to gain access to taxpayer dollars for a wide-variety of projects that fund their constituents…

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