Sharpton says 'no' to holding off protests until after police officers’ funerals

Jazz Shaw
Hot Air

…If you were holding out some hope for things to get better sooner rather than later, I would say that this response pretty much puts the kibosh that idea. It is only four days until the funeral of Rafael Ramos on Saturday. (Services for Wenjian Liu can not be finalized until travel plans for relatives from China can be arranged.) Of those four days, two of them are Christmas Eve and Christmas day. To think that a brief pause over such a period of time is an excessive demand is absurd. Nobody is trying to chill free speech or shut the conversation down. It was a simple, civil request to not add insult to injury by having crowds out in the street chanting Hands Up Don’t Shoot (or even What Do We Want, Dead Cops) while the bodies are awaiting interment.

Sharpton was given the opportunity to step up to the plate here, take some responsibility for the consequences of his involvement in all of this and show that he could respectfully understand both sides in the ongoing debate. He has declined to do so and, in effect, thrown salt in the wounds of the entire police force and all those who stand behind them. If the situation deteriorates even further from here on out, Al Sharpton should look back on this moment and ask himself if there wasn’t a possibility that he could have given an inch in exchange for significant possible benefits…



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