Sheila Jackson Lee: Let’s face it, this debt-ceiling battle is racial


In case you thought Debt Ceiling Week couldn’t get any lower, a reminder from your friendly neighborhood eeyoreblogger that things can always get lower. This is the perfect ending, in fact: Now that we know the negotiations are purely political, here’s SJL accepting them on their own terms as an opportunity to grandstand in the most demagogic way possible. Yeah, granted, she thinks that there are two Vietnams, and okay, fine, she believes that repealing ObamaCare might be unconstitutional, but give credit where it’s due. She really captured the surreal unseriousness of the past week o’ news here…

…our debt problem is so vast that even a compromise here might not avert a downgrade from Moody’s, with all the nasty knock-on effects that would entail. If Obama was serious, he would have used the bully pulpit to start pushing meaningful entitlement reform last year — not via a punt to some Deficit Commission but with his own hands on the issue. He promised America he would do so. And yet here we are, jerking around on a debt-ceiling deal that will merely slow, but not stop, us before we hit the One True Debt Ceiling and all hell really does break loose. Like I say, this is the perfect punchline to a total joke…

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Mark Levin’s reply: What a crock of crap!

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