Sheldon Whitehouse: Climate Change Must Be ‘Right Behind Immigration and Gay Rights As An Issue’

Noel Sheppard

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) said at the Good Jobs, Green Jobs conference in Washington, D.C., Tuesday, “It’s our task to make sure that climate change lines up right behind immigration and gay rights as an issue where the Republicans see that if they stick with this, they’re going to run off the cliff like lemmings.”

He also claimed, “The polluting industries own Congress. So there really has to be, in my view, as a predicate, there has to be strong executive action.”

“So it’s absolutely key that we all put pressure on the White House to take this issue seriously, to not just talk the talk, but to actually get out there and walk the walk as well, and to prove that this is a serious issue for them,” Whitehouse added.

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano said in response to Whitehouse’s statements:

This is a bad tactical maneuver on the global warming activist’s part. Now the warmists are basically saying you have to support illegal immigration and gay marriage in order to believe in man-made global warming fears. Instead of reaching out to get more people to believe in global warming, Sen. Whitehouse is just preaching to his left wing choir.

Global warming activists have learned nothing from their PR disaster of having a highly partisan figure like Al Gore be the face of their movement and the scandal ridden and distrusted UN as the source of their science. The global warming movement continues to make it too easy for skeptics to battle.

The ultimate aim of Sen. Whitehouse may not to be to convert Republicans on this issue, but to make skepticism of man-made global warming an unelectable issue. He has a huge uphill battle.



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In video from the lively debate yesterday in the EU Parliament, UK representative Godfrey Bloom emphatically declares, “The man-made global warming hypothesis is dead in the water! It’s face down! … We know that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere always follows periods of global warming, we know that the hypothesis that man-made global warming was going to cause totally apocryphal boiling in 2015 is now complete nonsense… There has been no statistically significant global warming now for over 15 years. There isn’t a single independent scientific institution which doesn’t acknowledge that fact. So all this debate is a lot of nonsense because it simply isn’t happening.” Bloom then asks why the Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard is in denial over these facts. Following the debate, the EU Parliament apparently agreed with Bloom and torpedoed Europe’s flagship CO2 emissions trading scheme by voting against a measure to support the price of carbon dioxide permits.




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