Shock on Capitol Hill as Obama's one-night stay in Brussels cost a whopping $2.9 MILLION – just for hotels and rental cars!

  • The U.S. president spent a single night in Belgium’s capital, but taxpayers of both countries are on the hook for millions
  • His brief stay required the use of 387 rooms, and 143 rental cars from a luxury limousine service
  • Obama took three planes and 45 vehicles – including his personal armored Cadillac limo – on a six-day trip to four foreign countries
  • Air Force One now costs more than $228,000 PER HOUR to operate
  • ‘Are you kidding me?’ said one astonished congressional aide, while another called it ‘disgusting’



David Martosko
The Daily Mail [UK]
4 April 2014

Mouths on Capitol Hill were agape Friday as MailOnline told congressional staffers that President Barack Obama’s recent one-night stay in Brussels cost taxpayers more than $2.9 million – and that’s just for hotel space and rental vehicles.

The amount covered Obama’s March 25-26 stay in Belgium’s capital, plus two weeks of work by his advance team before the president participated in a NATO and EU summit and a tour of the Flanders Field Cemetery.

The Weekly Standard first reported on a single requisition for lodging in Brussels at a hotel called ‘The Hotel,’ costing an estimated $1.52 million.

MailOnline has found two additional requisitions, covering more than $396,000 at a Crowne Plaza hotel and $1.05 million in expenses for ‘vehicle rentals.’…

…’And why do nearly 1,000 people have to go on the trip? Are there really that many Secret Service agents and clipboard-holders? This is a testament to why government needs to shrink down and start treating taxpayers with respect.’…



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