Should your President be a late night entertainer?



CAJ note: If you don’t vote in November you will have cast a ballot for Obama’s increased “flexibility,” in our opinion. Anyone who doesn’t exercise the privilege of voting shouldn’t expect anyone to listen to their complaints for the next 4 years.

Update:  Kevin Jackson of The Black Sphere has posted this photo, How O got his groove back.

Update 2: Dr. James D. Boys is one of dogzilla’s newest “followers” on Twitter. His profile reads, “US political history/foreign policy expert. On-air analyst @BBCNews @SkyNews @AJEnglish @lbc973. Prof @richmonduni, Officer @Bowgroup, Editor @TheCommentator

Here is one of his recent tweets.

click on the image to enlarge


The link in his tweet is to this slobberin’ for Obama page at NPR.

This President was going to gain new respect for America overseas. Remember that?


Update 3: More links to video of Obama’s performance:

Obama “Slow Jams” The News, Bashes Republicans

Obama On The White House: “It’s A Rental”

Update 4: Here’s “the Barackness Monster” doing 5 minutes of… … I think it’s comedy. Ann Althouse posts the entire video. She shares the Meadehouse observations which are more interesting than the Fallon-Obama video.

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