Sick of NSA Snooping? Glenn Beck’s Latest Announcement Could Be the Best Thing You’ve Heard All Week

Erica Ritz
The Blaze

On his radio program Thursday, Glenn Beck announced an exciting new feature coming soon to annual TheBlaze TV Plus subscribers — a private email address.

Beck said he believes the Bill of Rights, which was ratified in 1791, is “the secret” to what makes this country great, and among those rights is a right to privacy — something Americans are seeing less and less of, it seems, amid the NSA domestic surveillance scandal.

“So I’m introducing today a new service for you,” Beck said. “It’s a private address of your very own. Your name as your email address.”

“We’re a company that will guarantee that you will never, ever, ever have your emails scanned,” he said. “We will never share the list…you’ll never see an advertisement that you’re like, ‘Wait a minute…Hold it, how do you know that I’ve been looking for that car?’”

“We’re not going to do any of that,” Beck said. “And it will be free to you, if you’re [an annual Blaze TV Plus] subscriber.”

Beck encouraged listeners to sign up for TheBlaze newsletter, FireWire, to be the first to know when the email service is up and running.

“We’re not surrendering any lists, any emails, anything, without a warrant, and we will never scan your emails, period. Because we happen to believe in that little document produced in 1791.”

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