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As more disturbing video emerges from violent riots in London, and one such clip was captured by a Sky News journalist who confronted looters in his own neighborhood. Megyn spoke to Sky News reporter Mark Scott who filmed his encounter with one rioter, who responded to Scott’s questions about her actions that she was “getting her taxes back.”

Scott said the neighborhood where he’s lived for the last 10 years is a “lovely community,” and he was astonished by the chaos in the streets, and instinctively went to investigate as both a journalist and a resident. He added that he’s unsure of the cause of the continued violence, though he suspects this latest outburst in his hometown is caused by kids looking for free stuff – “they saw that they would be able to move in a group, and when you’re in a group, you can do something that perhaps you can’t do on your own.”

Related: In 1992 America watched as Los Angeles erupted in violent rioting and looting after the Rodney King police trials. Watch this video and visit Legal Insurrection and American Power to refresh your memory or to learn about those riots. In Great Britain citizens and business owners are hamstrung by rigid gun control laws which explains why sales of baseball bats–a game not generally played in Britain–are going through the roof at Amazon UK. American citizens can still protect themselves, as a rule,…for now. At American Power Professor Douglas writes, ” An armed society is a polite society.”

Professor Jacobson writes, "during the Los Angeles riots...the police having been overwhelmed, the Korean community banded together to defend their stores and lives against the rioters, even though it was too late for many. Using Korean-language radio, they called for security volunteers. Armed with what in some cases would a few years later be banned as 'assault weapons,' stores and lives were likely spared, mostly without having to actually fire a shot. " Click on the image to enlarge.

Another inexplicable story from iOwnTheWorld, Looter’s day job is teaching children. For American readers, £1,000/month is about $1500-1600 per month.

And some union “civility” in America:

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