So, who is James O’Keefe?

by Peter J. Smith
Washington, DC
September 16, 2009

Exposing pro-abortion university health clinics and Planned Parenthood’s criminal cover-up of child rape were the first major sting operations of undercover investigator James O’Keefe, who is now famous for exposing the systemic corruption within ACORN, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. ACORN is one of the “community organizer” groups closely affiliated with President Barack Obama, which helped him capture the presidency; but the group now has been exposed for having officials willing to abet fraud and child sex trafficking.

James O’Keefe is a 25 year-old Rutgers graduate and a veteran of Live Action films, the group led by UCLA student Lila Rose, 20, which began a series of sting operations in order to uncover a culture of corruption rife within the abortion industry.

In one such operation, O’Keefe placed phone-calls to Planned Parenthood development offices posing as a “donor” requesting that his money be used specifically to abort an African-American child who might someday steal his own child’s spot in college through “affirmative action.” No staffers hung up the phone, and one was even recorded saying, “We can definitely designate it for an African-American.”

In 2007, O’Keefe posed as a 23-year old “boyfriend” accompanying Rose, also posing as his 15-year-old “girlfriend,” in another sting that showed a Los Angeles Planned Parenthood staffer offering them advice as to how to arrange for the abortion and cover-up the statutory rape.

Rose later developed this operation into a nationwide sting in which she showed that Planned Parenthood staffers were willing to cover up the statutory rape of 14 year-old girl by her 30-year-old boyfriend.

But for O’Keefe, taking on the organization that helped bring President Barack Obama to power may be his biggest journalistic coup, following the Planned Parenthood operations.

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James O’Keefe’s website, Veritas Visuals, is here.

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