Soros’ plot to stack states’ courts with leftist judges exposed

Radicalizing the Courts

Jim Kouri
Law Enforcement Examiner

In the wake of two controversial U.S. Supreme Court decisions — Obamacare and the Arizona immigration law — in which a so-called conservative Chief Justice joined left-wing Justices in his ruling, multi-billionaire and far-left icon George Soros is financing a almost $50 million campaign to reshape America’s state and federal courts, according to several legal and political science scholars.

The first step in the Soros-backed scheme is to keep conservative judges off the courts by taking judicial selection decisions away from American citizens and handing them over to individual state “merit” boards stacked with legal special interests, according to conservative political consultant and attorney Michael Baker.

The second step is to gag any conservative judge who happens to slip by with phony demands to recuse him or herself, claims Peter Schuyler, a former Senate staffer and college professor.

“In each instance, the goal is not to produce fairer, more accountable courts, but to impose the Left’s agenda on unwilling voters,” said Schuyler.

Most Americans understand that the purpose of State Supreme Courts is not, and should not be, to advance political views or a social agenda. The purpose of an appellate or high court is to insure that laws do not violate state constitutions or the U.S. Constitution, and that the law is applied as intended by the nation’s Founding Fathers.

Legal scholars who are considered Constitutionalists believe that if a higher court becomes stacked or more political, the Constitution is likely to take a back seat to the political whims of black-robed lawyers, a situation that could very well jeopardize Americans’ constitutional rights…

…”American Liberal-Left ideologues realized quite some time ago that to further their agenda and transform American into their vision of a utopian society they could not rely on the legislative or executive branches of government. Politicians are subject to citizens’ right to vote and most Americans will not go along with leftist policies no matter how much lipstick you put on that pig. Therefore, the branch of government most susceptible to manipulation is the judicial branch,” said Baker…

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