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The hottest water cooler topic in America yesterday, was not the fact that our nation is about to be brought in the middle of another country’s civil war by President Barack Hussein Obama (mm mmm mmmm), It was the behavior at Sunday nights live broadcast of the MTV Video Music Awards by a young woman named Miley Cyrus, who rose to fame on The Disney Channel as a fresh-faced, innocent pre-teen named Hanna Montana…

…Back in 2007, Radio Talk Show Host Glenn Beck, in his television show on Headline News, interviewed Billy Ray Cyrus about his daughter’s enormous popularity…and about their relationship.

“Are you at all concerned?” Beck asked the young star’s father, Billy Ray Cyrus, at the time. “I mean, the odds of Miley turning into Ron Howard — meaning sane — pretty low. Living in Los Angeles, being a child star — hello? Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, name a million others…”

Cyrus was confident that his daughter had a “great head on her shoulders” and a “great heart.” He also explained that he tries to be her “best friend,” while letting his wife act as the disciplinarian.

“I taught them how to build a good snowman, how to ride a motorcycle, how to ride a horse, how to roast a wiener properly over a fire, and a good marshmallow,” Cyrus explained. “…But discipline I always left up to the mama. She was really, really good at that. That never was — I never was really good at that.”

“This is driving me crazy…What is that from you then?” Beck interrupted. “…I don’t mean to be crass here — are you a cowardly guy?”

Looking back to that interview, after witnessing what Miley has turned into, I do believe the majority opinion is “yes”.

Billy Ray often has referred to the style of parenting which he used with Miley as laissez faire parenting.

I would just call it lazy…


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Flashback 2008: The seduction of Hannah Montana 

First Britney. Then Lindsay. And now: Miley Cyrus. Do they ever learn?

By “they,” I don’t mean the girls. I mean their parents. Where are they? What the hell are they thinking?

I don’t know how many times I’ve asked those questions over the years as a parade of young Hollywood starlets has burst onto the scene with wholesome charm, achieved dizzying fame and fortune, and then crashed back to Earth half-naked with corrupted souls and drug-glazed eyes.

Are parents without scruples more likely to sacrifice their daughters to the wolves of the entertainment industry? Or does show business sap all the common sense out of mothers and fathers who should know better? Either way, they are guilty of child abandonment…


Glenn Beck’s Dad-to-Dad message for Billy Ray Cyrus

…“Can we talk dad to dad here? Your daughter is screaming for help. Your daughter is screaming for help. Just like Angelina Jolie was screaming when she had a little vial of blood around her neck, screaming for help. And her best friend is not what she needs.”

“She needs her dad. And I don’t know you as a dad and I’m certainly not one to judge, but based on what you told me in the interview that’s we posted, this is in 2006 or 2007 – You knew you weren’t a dad back then. You wanted to be her best friend and I warned you, this is exactly what would happen.”

“Stop being her friend. Start being her dad. It may be too late. But this is a cry for help. And we certainly don’t hate you or your daughter by any stretch. This is a cry of help from Viacom. Please watch me. Please notice us. And it is a cry of help from Miley Cyrus, and it is a sad commentary on today’s America.”…


The complete article, with video of Glenn’s 2007 CNN interview with Billy Ray Cyrus, is at


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Update 2: Singer Jamie Grace’s heartfelt reaction to Miley Cyrus proves young people matter in culture war 




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