Star Parker running for Congress


Star Parker

I read Michelle Malkin’s blog, and guest blogger La Shawn Barber announced to my glee, Star Parker will run for Congress.

As of yet, Star Parker has not set up a website, but World Magazine does have a feature on her and announced her intention to run in their publication:

Is her story part of the “only in America” stream? In part, yes, because in this country, as Parker says, “the rule of law and protection of private property” has allowed those with “a healthy family life and education” to break out of poverty. But her change is mainly an “only in Jesus” story, because her family life and early education were not healthy. Christ had to transform her.

Now, will she be able to transform the politics of the 37th District, which includes Compton, Carson, and the inland portion of Long Beach? The incumbent, Laura Richardson, co-wrote the bill to legalize same-sex marriage in California and has been a stalwart Democratic vote in Washington. She has defaulted six times on home loans, according to the Los Angeles Times.

For two decades no Republican has won more than 25 percent of the vote in California’s 37th, and in 2006 and 2008 Republicans didn’t even run a candidate. But by her own admission Parker has “a big mouth” and Richardson has big problems. If the GOP invests some big money in this year’s race, it could be competitive.

My advice to the GOP, invest in Star Parker. She can articulate our positions better than many in the party. One of the biggest plights of the GOP is connecting to minorities. Clearly, minorities such as Latinos and blacks are mostly Christian and have the same principles that we in the GOP have. The problem is, there has been virtually no outreach. Parker is among many minorities in the GOP who will fill that gap and do a better job in bringing in this new constituency.

The question is, will the GOP stand behind her?…

The article, with video, continues at Cubachi.

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