Stay true to principle — and the Constitution

Dick Armey

For small-government conservatives, election night was special. The sweeping victory confirmed my old axiom: “When we act like us, we win; when we act like them, we lose.”

Now, newly elected members must turn their victories into legislative success — restoring fiscal responsibility and tackling the daunting $14 trillion debt. Future generations will judge this Congress by its efforts to rationalize the size and scope of government and to significantly reduce the debt and deficit. To accomplish this historic task, I have some advice for the tea party Congress as its members arrive in Washington…

…When you advance our policy, always stay positive and don’t get dragged into the mud. Small-government conservatives believe that if we stick to our values, our best days are still ahead.

Look to the Constitution to govern your policy. You do not swear an oath to the Republican Party or the tea party — your pledge is to defend the Constitution. Let this govern your votes. The Constitution was designed to limit government power, so make sure your votes go only to bills that are right and necessary…

The complete article is at Politico.

Related: Politicians Should Put Their Votes Where Their Mouths Are–Stop Borrowing From China!

Senator Charles Schumer let loose a very reckless and bombastic tirade against China – his way of diplomatically receiving China’s unelected President Hu.

The message to Hu is “we are fed up with your government’s intransigence on currency manipulation. If you refuse to play by the same rules, we will force you to do so,” Schumer said in a conference call with reporters. [via InstapunditPoints and Figures]

If you are so damned fed up, why don’t you stop taking their loans?! Stop borrowing from them if you are so true to your words.

We wonder how this must look to the rest of the world, especially to those that might buy our debt in the future – when China has finally had enough of us…

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