Steyn: European elites drew wrong conclusion after WWII

Mark Steyn on Danish TV: European elites drew wrong conclusion after WWII

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From the YouTube page where the video was initially posted:

feszordenmark | September 11, 2010

Canadian Free Speech activist, publisher and writer Mark Steyn visited Denmark, to receive the Sappho Prize for Free Speech, and Dkr. 20,000 for his activities as an advocate for free speech.

Towards the end of the seven minute interview, Steyn mentions the obvious but forbidden notion:

Interviewer Kurt Strand: Why isn’t the European Culture strong enough to defend [itself against] this.

Steyn: I think, since the Second World War, and even since the First World War, European elites have not believed in themselves or their own people.

I think European elites drew the wrong conclusion at the end of the Second World War, when they said, ‘never again’, on the German death camps. They didn’t really mean never again to standing up to intolerance and,..

They drew the wrong conclusion; they thought it meant rejecting nationalism, rejecting national identity, rejecting your own cultural inheritance.

And there’s a huge hole in the heart off where European Identity ought to be.

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