Stossel: Careful What You Resell

John Stossel’s Take

Thinking about emptying your closets and selling your junk at a garage sale or on eBay? Beware, says James Rosen:

You could be breaking a new federal law. As part of a campaign called Resale Roundup, the federal government is cracking down on the secondhand sales of dangerous and defective products.

The initiative, which targets toys and other products for children, enforces a new provision that makes it a crime to resell anything that’s been recalled by its manufacturer.

“Those who resell recalled children’s products are not only breaking the law, they are putting children’s lives at risk,” said Inez Tenenbaum, the recently confirmed chairwoman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Oh please. Overwrought bureaucrats need a reality check.

As I’ve written before, the law being enforced in these roundups is serious overkill.

Yet now our state attorney generals, having caught the rest of the country’s criminals, will go after ballpoint pen manufacturers, makers of children’s minibikes, used bookstores, and so on.

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