Stossel in trouble at ABC?

Media Accountability
By Matt Corley
August 27, 2009

Will ABC Still Have Stossel Cover Health Care After He Pushed Claim That The Network Said Was ‘Untrue?’

For years now, libertarian journalist John Stossel has used his position at ABC News to attack the idea of a government role in providing health care for all Americans. For instance, in a 20/20 segment earlier this year, Stossel framed his report on congressional health care reform by saying, “some in Congress say they’re moving closer to a plan that will make health care cheaper and better. Sounds great, but when government takes charge it can also mean innovation stops.” Watch it:

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ABC’s John Stossel says free market can reform health care at La Crosse forum
by Richard Mial
August 28, 2009

ABC-TV reporter John Stossel on Thursday defended his participation in health care forums in Wisconsin organized by the same conservative group that sponsored “tea parties” throughout the state earlier in the year.

“I say most of you in the liberal media already show your opinions,” Stossel told reporters before speaking Thursday at a forum in La Crosse. “You just don’t admit it. I do clearly have an opinion, a point of view that I’ve acquired from 40 years of reporting. I think it’s honest to say, ‘Look, here’s my point of view. It’s based on this reporting. Take it or leave it.'”…

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