Sunlight Foundation: Top Finance Reps Rake in Health Care PAC Money

By Paul Blumenthal
August 3, 2009

As the debate over health care reform legislation has heated up over the spring and summer months, the Senate Finance Committee has found itself at the center of the debate. Leading this debate has been the duo of Max Baucus, committee chair, and Chuck Grassley, committee ranking member. According to campaign finance records filed with the FEC, the duo raised $219,000 from health and insurance political action committees (PACs) from April to June of this year…

…The majority of the money to the two senators comes from health professionals and pharmaceutical companies. The biggest contributors include Aetna, American Academy of Family Physicians, National Health Underwriters and Healthsouth Corporation

…To see more on health care sector influence in the Senate Finance Committee, see our coverage here.

Entire Sunlight Foundation article here.

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