Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Urges GOP to Move Fast to Eliminate Obamacare

Warner Todd Huston
Big Government
6 March 2015

In a recent interview, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said conservatives and Republicans could move quickly to eliminate parts of Obamacare after the Court issues a decision in a case being heard this month, causing some to hope that the decision might end up dealing a blow to the president’s take over of the nation’s health care system.

Scalia noted that lawmakers could move very quickly to amend and eliminate parts of Obama’s health care insurance law if the Court strikes down the subsidies issued by the federal insurance exchange.

At issue is the straight language in Obamacare that maintains that government subsidies to help citizens afford the more expensive coverage forced on them by the president’s law are only available to states that set up state-based Obamacare exchanges.

Lawmakers wrote Obamacare expecting that every state would set up the exchanges, but a later Supreme Court decision determined that the federal government could not force the states to create an exchange if they didn’t want to. 37 states ended up opting out of the state-based Obamacare exchanges…



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