Surber: Medicaid, Medicare broke, so let us take over everyone’s health care

Obama: Medicaid and Medicare are broke, so let us take over everyone’s health care

President Obama’s sales pitch for Obamacare keeps getting weirder and weirder. Suddenly, it is a moral obligation to give free health insurance to illegal aliens.

This from a man who refuses to stand up for the people of Iraq, Iran, Honduras, Burma and Tibet.

I guess when a race-baiting hater of America is your spiritual mentor, you have a warped sense of morality.

Insurance is financing health care. That’s all. You bet that you’ll get sick, the insurance company bets you won’t. Since the odds are always in favor of the house, it is a bet you are happy to lose.

His sense of morality aside, he makes no sense.

From a radio show interview this morning:

The costs of Medicare and Medicaid will bankrupt this country if we don’t reduce the cost inflation of health care. You’ve got families who can’t get health care because of pre-existing conditions or they bump up against some lifetime cap if a family member gets really ill.

So the government-run insurance programs we already have will bankrupt the country unless we add more government-run insurance programs.

That’s nuts.

Obama needs to give it a rest. He is not making sense now

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