SWAT Team Raids Home of Libertarian Activist Adam Kokesh, Arrests Him on Drug and Gun Charges

Mike Riggs
Reason Magazine


A local SWAT team working with the U.S. Park Police raided the Herndon, Va. home of libertarian activist Adam Kokesh shortly before 8 p.m. last night. Kokesh was arrested and “charged with possession of schedule I or II drugs while in possession of a firearm,”according to the Washington Post(The drug: psilocybin mushrooms.)

The raid–which a Kokesh roommate says involved a SWAT team knocking in Kokesh’s front door then tossing a flashbang into the foyer–likely resulted from a video that shows Kokesh loading a shotgun in Freedom Square in D.C. on July 4th, in violation of D.C. law (I say “likely” because the U.S. Park Police has yet to confirm the video’s role in Kokesh’s arrest).

Kokesh had originally promised to lead a group of armed gun-owners across the Memorial Bridge from Virginia into D.C. When the Metropolitan Police Department promised to meet him on the D.C. side and arrest anyone violating D.C.’s gun laws, Kokesh backed down. Hence the early morning shotgun-loading video he filmed in Freedom Square. The video, titled, “Open Carry March on DC a Success,” concludes with Kokesh saying, “We are the final American Revolution. See you next Independence Day.” …



The article continues, with video, at Reason.com


Update: We are reminded that David Gregory has never been charged for breaking the District’s gun laws.


Who does Adam Kokesh think he is, David Gregory?




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