Sweet Mercy, I Can't Get Enough Ezekiel Emanue!

Joel B. Pollak
Big Journalism
3 Nov 2013

…Emanuel went on Wallace’s program to defend the indefensible–that Obama had not lied about people being able to keep their plans, that it was all the insurance companies’ fault. Watching him, one had the sense viagra online prices that he believed it: that he was saving insurance companies from those fifteen million customers, that he knew best how to protect middle-aged women from the possibility their adult sons would impregnate someone–all of it.

At one time it seemed that Emanuel might confine himself to the op-ed page of the Wall Street Journal, where he could argue in favor of brainwashing young people to join Obamacare despite the exorbitant cost, and few young people would actually notice.

He seemed content to be a behind-the-scenes operator, never letting on just how involved he really was in the legislation and regulations, or just how close he was to Obama.

But now–thank goodness–some genius in the White House has decided to push this character out front.

And there he fulminates, like the Jack Nicholson character in A Few Good Men, too proud not to admit what he’s been up to.

When Wallace asked him why he or President Obama should be able to tell a woman what kind of health insurance she needs, Emanuel shamelessly defended his power over her choice.

More, please!…



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Related:  Ezekiel Emanuel, Chris Wallace in Heated Fox News Sunday Debate Over Obamacare

Ezekiel Emanuel, principal architect of ezekiel emanuel obamacare Affordable Care Act, appeared on Fox News Sunday and strongly debated host Chris Wallace and American Enterprise Institute’s James Capretta over President Barack Obama’s “if you like your plan, you can keep it” pledge. The pugnacious Emanuel so loudly argued over his opponents that Wallace got tongue-tied at one point and told Capretta, “Don’t talk while he’s interrupting!”

Wallace fought back against Emanuel’s argument that the grandfather clause, which allows people to keep any insurance policy acquired before March of 2010, was a fulfillment of Obama’s promise.

“Your grandfathering is so narrow,” Wallace said to Emanuel, “if your insurance company changes your co-pay by more than $5 over the course of the three years since 2010, it’s no longer grandfathered in.”

“That’s usually a 25% change,” Emanuel said. “That’s a big change…You have to ask the question: how many planks do you change in a boat before it’s a different boat? That’s the same thing here: we had a plan, we argued about it.”

“You didn’t tell the American people,” Wallace said. “You said, if this plan is in effect until March of 2010, you can keep it.”

“That’s what it said!” Emanuel said. “That’s how we fulfilled that pledge.”…





Also, Virginia Democrat Calls For Forcing Doctors To Accept Medicare And Medicaid Patients

You would think that when your party is burying a hole that is getting harder and harder to get out of, you wouldn’t want to that hole get deeper faster.  But here is Kathleen Murphy, Democrat running for the House of Delegates against Barbara Comstock, telling a forum in Great Falls that she believes it should law to force doctors to accept Medicare and Medicaid patients.  Forced by government decree, mind you…

…THIS along with the fact that Terry McAuliffe has already said he’d go to the government shutdown mat to get a state exchange in Virginia…



How Obama went from bulls–t to dishonesty

How Americans see President Obama changed in an important way this week. It’s because there is a huge difference between lies and bulls – – t.

Obama says a lot of things that are not true, even nonsensical. But it’s easy to shrug off most of these, because they aren’t really lies. They’re just bulls – – t.

Bulls – – t is airy, meaningless drivel, the stuff that campaigns are made of. Or it’s a misleading oversimplification with hidden qualifiers. Not only do we forgive bulls – – t, we like it. Especially suckers who have far too high an opinion of the importance and efficacy of politicians, people who hope casting a ballot is a way to expunge sin or join a noble crusade. “We are the ones we have been waiting for”? Not a lie. Just bulls – – t…

…This week was something new. It was the week Obama was revealed to be a stone-cold liar.

Some 10 million Americans are going to lose their health insurance as a direct result of the Affordable Care Act…



The Silence of the Left

There is widespread fury at the lies which were used to sell ObamaCare, a more than 2,000-page piece of legislation no one read before it was passed, a law opposed by the majority of voters which was crammed down our throats without a single Republican vote. The law essentially was a mishmash blank slate which left it to the administration’s HHS head, Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to write as she pleased and the president to — by Executive order — pay off with exemptions and special treatment those cronies and rent seekers not already paid off in the legislative and regulatory process.

Whether this law will continue to pass judicial scrutiny remains to be seen, but what is obvious at this early date is that the press and the public figures who promoted it are lying low as the tsunami of voter rage builds.

If your only source of news is the major media, here are some facts they’ve kept from you…

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Update: Obamacare’s Authoritarian Problem

You can’t keep your insurance if you like it under Obamacare, because you’re too ignorant to understand what’s good for you.

That’s the argument we’ve been hearing from a lot of folks on the left — an argument that pivots from “common good” to soft authoritarianism. President Barack Obama is all in, as well, claiming that he was merely guilty of forcing Americans to pick a “Ferrari” health care plan over a “Ford” one. (Is it really “picking” if you’re forced?)…

…It’s almost as if some people believe lying is acceptable — even preferable — if the political outcomes are morally pleasing to them. Many Obamacare supporters, in fact, are beginning to sound as if they couldn’t care less about process, the law, order, competence or anything that undermines the goal of putting your health care choices into more capable hands…

Axelrod Dismisses Millions of Americans Losing Their Health Insurance Because of Obamacare As Only a “Small Group”…

…“The vast majority of Americans, that statement will hold true for. For this small group of Americans, it hasn’t. the calamitous thing here is that the website wasn’t up. Because many of those people who have to transition are going to get better insurance for less money, but they just can’t tell that now.”…



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