‘Green’ Progressives are smarter than you bitter clingers, so change or die

A poster by World Wildlife Fund via Babalu blog:

Photo of lower Manhattan that was photoshopped to show many planes attacking the World Trade Center. The poster says 'The Tsunami Killed 100 Times More People Than 9/11.' World Wildlife Foundation

Many a truth is oft said in jest (UPDATED)

George Moneo Babalu […]

‘You’re a Fraud!’…

…Al Gore Heckled in Florida

Meredith Jessup The Blaze 10/1/2010

On the campaign trail in Tampa, Fla., with Democratic Senate candidate Kendrick Meek, climate alarmist Al Gore and his assumptions about the world’s temperatures were confronted by outspoken skeptics who shouted down the former vice president, calling global warming a “hoax.”

If you listen […]

‘Eco-fascism jumps the shark’ 10:10–No Pressure

Video: The dumbest, most self-defeating ad campaign ever

Ed Morrissey HotAir.com 10/1/2010

…the people behind “10:10 – No Pressure” keep trying to get this spot removed from YouTube. As a precaution, I’ve included Stephen Gutowski’s Eyeblast upload to be sure it sticks around, and sticks to the AGW movement like bloody flesh after an […]