Reagan's campaign speech continues to reverberate 50 years later

Michael Barone The Washington Examiner 10/27/2014

On Oct. 27, 1964, 50 years ago Monday, a movie actor and television host delivered a 30-minute speech on primetime national television in support of the presidential candidacy of Barry Goldwater.

There were no visual diversions, and the production values by today’s standards were primitive. Few if any viewers […]

Breitbart exclusive: Sarah Palin to headline Reagan 100 celebration at Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara

Publius Big Government 1/27/2011

Governor Palin Chooses Young America’s Foundation’s Reagan Ranch Center as the Backdrop for her Speech to Honor the 100th Anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s Birth

Young America’s Foundation announced today that Governor Sarah Palin will give the keynote address on February 4 at its Reagan 100 Opening Banquet at the Reagan Ranch […]

Rendezvous with Destiny

Sarah Palin Sarah Palin’s Notes Facebook 10/27/2010

Today is the 46th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s famous speech, “A Time for Choosing.”

The thing that struck me as I watched it again was how relevant its message still is for today’s America. Just as in 1964, we have a president who says “we must accept a […]