Moon hoax not

sgcollins YouTube 12/3/2012



H/T The Blaze, Is This YouTube Video Proof That NASA’s Moon Landings Were Definitely NOT Faked?

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Today is the 70th anniversary…

…of the birth of John Lennon.

John Lennon, 1974. Photo by Bob Gruen.

9 October 2010

Ann Althouse writes:

There’s a nice tribute to Lennon in today’s Google logo. An animated line drawing, with exactly what you’d expect in the audio track. Must it always be “Imagine”?

Scott at Power Line offers a […]

Has anyone said, ‘Poor puppy’ yet?

Obama: They talk about me like a dog

Alexander Mooney CNN 9/6/2010

(CNN) – Those following President Obama’s prepared remarks during a speech in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Monday were thrown a bit of a curveball when it came to a description of his critics:

“Some powerful interests who had been dominating the agenda in Washington for […]