Truckers Roaring Into D.C. Now

Big rigs invading nation’s capitol to protest assault on Constitution

WorldNetDaily 10/11/2013

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Dozens of big rig drivers and long-haul truckers took to the highways around Washington, D.C., Friday in a protest of the extra-constitutional activities of Congress and the president, as a weekend of planned political statements launched.

CBS reported that at […]

In The Event Of ‘Possible’ Government Tyranny, People Are Now Banding Together Nationwide

Thomas Paine The Western Center for Journalism 9/17/2013



I’ve heard people say that they think we’re “lucky” that we have not had an attempted “takeover” of this country by a wannabe dictator. And current events taking place in the Obama Regime (including the fact that he has surrounded himself with Islamists and […]

911 Ride to Remember

Red Brick Studio YouTube 9/8/2013

9/11 Ride to Remember filmed in Bethel CT 2013 by Royal Scott. Over 2,000 bikers traveled through Connecticut remembering the fallen. One of the lost was a firefighter associated with two Engine Companies. Both companies come to this point each year.

The entire ride took over a 1/2 hour to […]

Thank you, Bikers. Thank you.

11 September 2013

This morning Belinda Bee, a co-organizer of the 2 Million Bikers to D.C. Ride, joined Fox & Friends to explain to FNC’s Brian Kilmeade the reasons behind the permit denial for the event:

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The Right Scoop: Bikers ride to the Capitol to remember 9-11 victims



HERE THEY COME: Video of ‘2 Million Bikers’ group on their way to DC

The Right Scoop 9/10/2013

I’m not sure exactly where this is at but clearly DC is in for some fun. And I love how the trooper salutes them with his horns and siren as they ride by.

UPDATE: I’ve heard from a few sources that this is in Virginia based on the state troopers vehicle. […]

Bikers denied no-stop permit for 9/11 rally through D.C. but will ride anyway

Jessica Chasmar The Washington Times 9/9/2013

The nation’s capital has denied a “no stop” permit for the “2 Million Bikers to DC” rally on Wednesday, meant to “remember those who were killed on 9/11 and honor our armed forces.”

The group said in a statement Sunday that D.C. officials denied their request for a special […]