Howard Kurtz Exposes How the AP Manufactured Romney’s Palestinian ‘Gaffe’

John Nolte Big Journalism 2 Aug 2012

Other than answering a question about the Olympics honestly but less diplomatically than he might have, Mitt Romney’s overseas trip was a pretty big win. But the corrupt media knows that, in order for their failed president to win a second term, his opponent must be toxified […]

The Godfather Of US Gymnastics Calls McKayla Maroney’s Vault the Best Ever in an Awesome NBC Interview

Tony Manfred Business Insider 8/1/2012

Charismatic USA gymnastics honcho Bela Karolyi went on NBC this morning to discuss McKayla Maroney’s superb vault in yesterday’s women’s gymnastics team final.

In typical Bela fashion, he called it the most perfectly performed vault in the history of gymnastics. After that, he entertainingly rambled about the awe-inspired judges.


Why Elizabeth Warren Wants America to Be More Like Communist China

Warren thinks China’s infrastructure spending is a model for the U.S.

Ira Stoll Reason Magazine 7/30/2012

Massachusetts residents who tuned in to the Olympics opening ceremony saw a new 30-second campaign commercial from the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate, Elizabeth Warren, that said America should be more like Communist China…

…Warren’s approach is so flawed […]

New anti-Romney meme: complimenting Israel’s prosperity is racist

John Nolte Big Journalism 30 Jul 2012

First we saw it with Romney’s comments about the Olympics, now we’re seeing it with Romney’s comments comparing the state of Israel’s economy with that of the Palestinian-controlled territories: Speaking the truth is now politically incorrect and undiplomatic.

Romney’s quote via the Associated Press:

As you come […]

Olympics 2012 opening ceremony: Oscars all round for a spectacular feelgood fantasy of modern Britain

Melanie Phillips The Daily Mail [UK] 29 July 2012

…we had for starters a bucolic scene of merry medieval peasants, and men playing cricket — giving way to a stunningly produced but deeply tendentious image of cloth-capped workers slaving in the inferno of the Industrial Revolution.

But life in the Middle Ages wasn’t a rural […]

London Olympics pauses to honor dead Brits, not Israelis

Christine Brennan USA Today 7/27/2012

In the worst decision of the Opening Ceremony, the International Olympic Committee allowed one moment of silence to be held – just not the one that it should have permitted for the past 40 years.

After saying there would be no moment of silence to honor the 11 Israeli athletes […]