Mark Levin Transcript: What happens when the system collapses?

Doug Ross Director Blue 3/16/2013

A caller to Thursday’s Mark Levin Show [MP3] had an interesting question regarding the inevitable result of the Obama Democrats’ outrageous deficit spending.

Curtis: We talk about all of this out-of-control spending, we have the CBO reports, the GAO, the Medicare Trustees, I mean how much time do we really […]

Mark Levin on inflation and your retirement accounts

Mark Levin interview: Inflation is coming and it will devastate the economic environment for every American family

The Right Scoop 11/29/2012

If you don’t listen to the whole interview…between Mark Levin and Bill Archer, please listen to at least the first 7 minutes or so. I think you’ll likely keep listening when you get to […]

Government Sets Its Sights on Private Retirement Accounts: 'Giant Effort to Redistribute the Wealth of America’s Older Citizens'

Mac Slavo 11/20/2012

A new effort by the Obama administration, Congress, the Treasury Department and labor unions aims to fundamentally alter how Americans plan and save for retirement.

Warnings have been popping up over the last several years about the possibility of re-appropriating the $3.5 Trillion sitting in private retirement and spreading those funds […]

Jim Sinclair: Gov’t to Raid Retirement Accounts to Fund Shortfall of Treasury Purchases

The Doc Silver Doctors 9/14/2012

The legendary Jim Sinclair sent an email alert to subscribers this afternoon warning that the US government will soon liquidate private 401k and IRA retirement accounts and force private retirement assets into treasury paper as no major buyers of treasury paper remain outside of the Federal Reserve.

Sinclair correctly notes […]

The future of your 401(k)?

Fox Business 1/4/2011

European nations begin seizing private pensions

Hungary, Poland, and three other nations take over citizens’ pension money to make up government budget shortfalls.

Jan Iwanik The Christian Science Monitor 1/2/2011

People’s retirement savings are a convenient source of revenue for governments that don’t want to reduce spending or make privatizations. As most pension schemes in Europe are organised by the state, […]