The Double Standard on Taping Mitt Romney and John Kerry

Daniel Greenfield FrontPage Magazine 5/3/2014

When Mitt Romney was taped at a fundraiser, more than once as a matter of fact, the media celebrated the act. But when Daily Beast reporter Josh Rogin taped John Kerry at the Trilateral Commission describing Israel as a future Apartheid state, he was subjected to a stream of nasty […]

Sen. Ted Cruz Speaks in New Hampshire; Presses for Defunding ObamaCare

FreedomsLighthouse YouTube 8/24/2013

Sen. Ted Cruz speaks at a gathering of Republicans in New Hampshire and sets forth a pathway to take America back through the power of the “Grassroots.” Cruz talks about the grassroots “Past, Present, and Future.” He demonstrates his ability to capture the imagination of an audience, was clearly a big hit […]

IRS goes after man who taped Romney’s 47% comment

BizPac Review 3/14/2013

Scott Prouty, the bartender who secretly taped Mitt Romney’s famous “47 percent” comment in Boca Raton last year, owes the IRS a sizable check, records show.

According to Broward County official documents obtained by Gossip Extra, Prouty has a 7-year-old debt of $15,396.42 to settle with the Internal Revenue Service. Prouty was […]

‘Ronald Reagan himself could not win an election in today’s America.’

Op-Ed: Why Romney Didn’t Get Enough Votes to Win

Rabbi Steven Pruzansky Israel National News 11/13/2012

It is a different world, and a different America. Obama is part of that different America, knows it, and knows how to tap into it. That is why he won.

The most charitable way of explaining the election results […]

Senator-elect Ted Cruz advises party to re-brand, embrace 'Opportunity Conservatism'

David Catanese Politico 11/29/2012

Texas Sen.-elect Ted Cruz advised the Republican Party to rebrand itself under a banner of “Opportunity Conservatism” during a sweeping speech Thursday night that will only stoke speculation about a 2016 presidential run.

Speaking before the conservative American Principles Project dinner at a downtown Washington hotel, Cruz said the GOP’s thumping […]