The Washington Mall, then and now


Da Techguy’s article compares two events on the Washington Mall, 9/12 and today’s One Nation:

Or, as Weasel Zippers noted in an article with good photo comparisons, Eco-Hypocrites.

The folks at WZ are all over today’s rally. Check out their article and video of Harry Belafonte’s speech. It’s a doozy! And this:


9/12 Tea Partiers Reject Obama-As-Hitler Comparison

Founding Bloggers 9/24/2010

While on location in Washington, DC for the 9/12 Tea Party, we came across a couple of people displaying large signs depicting President Obama as Hitler.

The signs were the handiwork of repeated Democrat Presidential candidate –and well known Leftist convict – Lyndon LaRouche.

The Tea Partiers responded angrily, vocally rejecting the […]