Lockerbie victims remembered at 25th Anniversary of bombing

Wreaths are laid by the families of the victims of the Lockerbie bombing on the 25th anniversary of the atrocity

The Telegraph [UK] 21 Dec 2013

Bagpipes played and wreaths were laid in the Scottish town of Lockerbie on Saturday, as the families of those who died in the deadly airliner bombing over the town […]

Scots Outraged Over Bomber’s Release

A Commentary by Debra J. Saunders Rasmussen Reports Sunday, November 15, 2009

EDINBURGH — Do not believe that Scotland was united behind Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill’s decision to grant “compassionate” release to the terminally ill convicted Pan Am 103 bomber Abdel Basset al-Megrahi in August.

When al-Megrahi flew home to a hero’s welcome in Libya, […]