Bank of America Must Pay Excess Settlement Funds To Acorn Clones

Paul Sperry Investor’s Business Daily 1/4/2012

Bank of America (BAC) must turn over excess funds from a record $335 million discrimination fine to community organizing groups. Critics say it’s a “political backdoor” to subsidize Democrat-tied Acorn “clones.”

The unusual mandate is buried in a Justice Department filing last month detailing settlement terms with the nation’s […]

ACORN still under contract with City of New Orleans

While federal and state governments terminate funding, city continues at least one housing contract.

by Steve Beatty September 23, 2009 The Pelican Institute for Public Policy

A major part of the New Orleans-based ACORN activist empire, Acorn Housing Corp., has at least one ongoing contract with the city, and The Pelican Institute is working to […]