“The harsh lessons on the difference between ‘coverage’ and ‘care’ are just beginning.”

‘I will not comply’: Doctor slams Obamacare, sends must-read breakup letter to Aetna

Twitchy 2/1/2014

Kris Held is a doctor “on a mission to get government out of medicine.” Here’s part of her bio:

I have read The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), tweeted it and studied it. I will not implement, comply […]

Obama Taps B-List Actor to Promote Obamacare

Ericka Andersen The Foundry Heritage.org 1/23/2014

In a new move, the White House has enlisted B-list actor Kal Penn, most famous for his role in the “Harold & Kumar” franchise, to sell Obamacare…

…Penn previously worked for the Obama Administration as associate director in the White House Office of Public Engagement and currently serves on […]

‘…You can keep your healthcare’ …if you can afford it

Aetna CEO: Obamacare Could Double Insurance Premiums…

Zip Weasel Zippers 12/27/2012

Nice job, Barack…

To provide all Americans with health insurance, premiums will have to rise to pay for it, Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini told CNBC’s ”Closing Bell” on Wednesday.

“If we’re going to insure all Americans, which is a worthy and appropriate cause, then […]

Former Aetna Chief Reverses Obamacare Support

Newsmax.com 18 Jun 2012

A former CEO and chairman of one of the country’s biggest managed healthcare companies is reversing course on Obamacare, saying that the legislation raises serious constitutional concerns.

In a Wall Street Journal Op-Ed, Ron Williams, who served as both chairman and CEO of Aetna, said the Obamacare plan is not workable […]

Aetna CEO warns: Expect price hikes, bankruptcies, and policy changes

Ed Morrissey HotAir.com 3/29/2010

“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor … If you like your coverage, you can keep your coverage.” Barack Obama repeatedly offered these promises to audiences across the US in campaigning for ObamaCare, but Ron Williams, CEO of Aetna, begs to differ. Williams provides health insurance to over […]