With a Heavy Heart: Tulsa Loses Dr. Perry Inhofe

Maggie Maggie’s Notebook 11/11/2013

Dr. Perry Inhofe (52), the son of Senator Jim Inhofe and Kay Inhofe, died in a twin-engine plane crash yesterday near Owasso, Oklahoma. We heard the news that a plane had gone viagra best price down yesterday, but only late this afternoon learned that Dr. Inhofe was the pilot and had […]

LightSquared to FCC: Quit screwing around and give us the approval

Ed Morrissey HotAir.com 12/21/2011

The failure of LightSquared to demonstrate that their product won’t interfere with commercial, military, and aviation GPS may have damaged their bottom line, but it hasn’t dampened their chutzpah. Now, instead of claiming that they will refrain from interfering with millions of existing GPS units, LightSquared has sent the FCC a […]