Plaintiff in D.C. Gun Carry Victory Speaks, Defends Public Carry as a Matter of Personal, and Public, Safety

Brian Doherty 7/28/2014

Tom Palmer (who works for the libertarian institutions the Atlas Network and the Cato Institute and has been a movement intellectual and activist since the 1970s) over the weekend, to his great surprise, won his long-simmering case overturning D.C.’s ban on carrying legally registered weapons in public. The case had been […]

Otis McDonald, R.I.P.

The Man Who Got the Second Amendment Applied to States and Localities

Brian Doherty 4/6/2014

Otis McDonald, the American hero who showed physical, emotional, and political braveness in his role as lead plaintiff in the groundbreaking 2010 Supreme Court case McDonald v. Chicago had died at age 80, as reported by his hometown paper […]

Judge Overturns Carry Permit Requirements

“Good and Substantial” Ain’t Good Enough

Bat One SayAnythingBlog 3/6/2012

In a carefully worded, well-reasoned decision, US Fourth District Court Judge Benson Everett Legg has overturned the state of Maryland’s requirement that an applicant for a concealed carry handgun permit must show a “good and substantial” reason for the issuance of that permit.

The judge’s […]