Paul Ryan unplugs the political third rail. Update: VP wants global tax

Michael Gerson The Washington Post 3/29/2012

The first time Rep. Paul Ryan presented his budget, it was supposed to be fatal for the GOP. Ryan, after all, was not only touching the entitlement third rail but also licking it. Even to some ideological allies, it seemed like a dangerous dare.

Now he has dared again. […]

Obama to propose a “Buffett tax” while pushing jobs plan

Ed Morrissey 9/18/2011

Talk about your mixed messages! While Barack Obama goes on the campaign trail trying desperately to drum up support for a jobs plan that will cost $450 billion, the President will also deliver at the same time his plan to reduce the spiraling federal deficit and slow the runaway growth of […]

85% of Bush Tax Cuts Went to Middle Class, Not the Rich

Jim Hoft GatewayPundit 7/18/2011

Don’t expect to see this make any headlines in the state-run media…

Back in April of this year Barack Obama told the press that he “refused to extend the Bush tax cuts to the wealthy again.”

But, he’s not a socialist.

Of course, it was just another lie. Verum Serum […]

Taxes Upon Taxes Upon . . .

Obama wants $1 trillion in taxes on top of what he’s already signed.

Opinion The Wall Street Journal 7/11/2011

So the fondest Washington hopes for a grand debt-limit deal have broken down over taxes. House Speaker John Boehner said late Saturday that he couldn’t move ahead with a $4 trillion deal because President Obama was […]

Americans Try to Outrun State, Local Tax Hikes

Linda Stern Fox Business 5/23/2011

Alan Dlugash is a New York accountant who specializes in high net worth Manhattanites, but lately he’s been fielding a lot of calls from clients in neighboring states — Connecticut and New Jersey.

“The big deal right now is ‘how do I change my residency?’” he said. And the reason […]

The 2011 Tax Tsunami

Gary Wickert Pajamas Media 11/18/2010

…The cause and effect phenomenon of tax cuts resulting in increased federal tax revenues is difficult to figure out only for those who have never run a business, met a payroll, or read a balance sheet. It was, in fact, one of the most famous Democrats in history who memorialized […]