For Sen. Mike Lee, amending immigration bill starts with throwing it out

Byron York The Washington Examiner 5/8/2013

Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. was the deadline for members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to propose amendments to the Gang of Eight comprehensive immigration reform bill. There were a lot of amendments. Sen. Charles Grassley, ranking Republican on the committee, proposed 77. Fellow Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions, perhaps the […]

Sen. Ted Cruz Delivers First Major Floor Speech Offering an Amendment to Defund ObamaCare

SenTedCruz YouTube 3/13/2013


Senate GOP to retaliate after Reid maneuver by withholding consent

Ed Morrissey 10/9/2011

Harry Reid detonated his nuclear option to protect Barack Obama from his own jobs bill. Now he and his caucus have to get ready for the fallout:

Senate Republicans vow they will retaliate for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) decision to unilaterally change the Senate’s rules Thursday without prior warning […]

Reid Changes Senate Rules By Majority Vote

BREAKING: Reid Using “Nuclear Option” To Do Away With The Filibuster? UPDATE: Not The Filibuster Update 2: Reid Changes Senate Rules By Majority Vote

Drew M. Ace of Spades HQ 10/6/2011

…The rule they are trying to change has to do with the ability to close off the option of offering amendments. Reid’s maneuver works. […]

Senate Democrats Poised for Power Grab

Brian Darling RedState 12/23/2010

Senate Democrats are going to be working over the Christmas break to deliver a lump of coal to the American people in the form of a radical changing of the Senate’s rules. This is a naked power grab by liberals in the Senate pure and simple.

The National Journal reports that […]