Beck announces three ‘American Dream Lab’ locations across the globe

Glenn Beck 1/7/2013

All this week on TheBlaze TV, Glenn will be outlining his vision for 2013 and the role that The American Dream Labs will play this year and in the years to come. While Glenn has teased the American Dream Labs in the past, this week will mark the first time he takes […]

What does Beck's new chalkboard tell us about the future of TheBlaze?

Glenn Beck 11/26/2012



Check out a full size image HERE. At the link, click and drag to read the entire board.



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…The dominant media conclusion from this is that the Republican Party is cooked unless it surrenders its principles. I’m not […]

Beck: 'We are going to double down'

Glenn Beck 11/7/2012



…I got up yesterday at 3:00 in the morning and I knew. And I couldn’t sleep and I started to say my prayers and I got up and kneeled down by the edge of my bed and I knew that ‑‑ or I suspected that my mind’s not God’s […]

At FreePac Arizona: 'This is your moment!'

Glenn Beck 10/13/2012


Video streaming by Ustream


Glenn’s speech beings at 20min 38 sec.

Read the article and partial transcript at

H/T E. Smith

Update: FreePAC Florida will be held on Friday, October 19, from 4-9 PM at Osceola Heritage Park in Kissimmee, FL. “After activist training, you’ll hear from a […]

Beck Takes His Conservative Internet Shows to the Dish Network

Brian Stelter The New York Times 9/12/2012

Glenn Beck is bringing his brand of conservative commentary back to the television set.

One year after embracing an Internet-only distribution model, Mr. Beck is repositioning his streaming network, TheBlaze TV, as an offering for cable and satellite operators — in other words, TV the old-fashioned way.

On […]