Netanyahu Doesn’t Take Obama’s Bait

Jonathan S. Tobin Commentary Magazine 3/4/2014

The last time President Obama ambushed Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, the Israeli gave as good as he got. This time he turned the other cheek. The reason for this turnabout by the normally combative prime minister tells us everything we need to know about the relative strength of the […]

Hagel’s Disastrous Hearing Ought to Make ‘No’ Vote a No-Brainer

Joel B. Pollak Big Peace 31 Jan 2013

Former Sen. Chuck Hagel (R-NE) has vindicated his critics thus far today in his confirmation hearings before the Senate Armed Service Committee for the post of Secretary of Defense. He has stumbled in attempting to explain his positions on Iran, nuclear disarmament, Israel, the Iraq “surge,” […]

Palestinians to be punished for statehood vote

Anthony Martin Conservative Examiner 12/2/2012

Although President Obama has made it clear he will not retaliate against the United Nations or the Palestinian Authority over the vote creating a “Palestinian state,” Congress is set to do exactly that, according to a published news report in The Hill today.

A backlash against the Palestinian Authority is […]

DNC admits they deleted Jerusalem language to reflect Obama policy

The Right Scoop 9/4/2012

The DNC admits that they deleted the 2008 and prior Jerusalem language in the Democratic Party platform to follow Obama and his policy that refuses to acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel…

Watch the video here. Make sense of the statement if you can.

Related: Liberal Harvard professor finds Democratic […]

Israeli PM Netanyahu’s Speech at the AIPAC 2012

IsraeliPM YouTube 3/6/2012


The full text of the Prime Minister’s speech is at the algemeiner

Netanyahu to Obama at WH: Iran Sees U.S. and Israel as ‘Great Satan’ and ‘Little Satan’

Brian Freedom’s Lighthouse 3/5/2012

Here is video of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu telling President Obama at the White House today that Iran sees the U.S. as the “Great Satan” and Israel as the “Little Satan” because the two countries are united by shared values. Netanyahu defended Israel’s right to act in her own defense […]