Reminder: Hillary pushed the ‘internet video’ story at funeral

Glenn Reynolds Instapundit 5/7/2013

Video here.

A reader emails:

We have known for a long time – and the MSM is going to have to finally reckon with the fact – that the “video” narrative was a fraud, a political construct to cover ass, protect campaign talking points, and misdirect accountability for the four deaths […]

Judge Napolitano on Romney’s Libya Response: ‘One of the Best Things I’ve Ever Heard Him Say in All His Years in Public Life’

Fox News Insider 9/13/2012

Many from both sides of the aisle have spoken out with criticism of Mitt Romney’s quick response following Tuesday’s attack on a U.S. Consulate in Libya. Conservative journalists have even called out his remarks as “ill-advised” and “not presidential.” However, Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst Judge Napolitano isn’t among the […]

Brave Pilots Were Prepared to Sacrifice Themselves for Us on 9/11

I’d be a kamikaze pilot: Fighter pilot recalls her would-be ‘suicide’ mission to take down United 93 – and the heroes who did it for her

Thomas Durante Daily Mail [UK] 10th September 2011

When a group of fighter pilots in Washington, D.C., were told a plane had struck the World Trade Center, they assumed […]