German officer to serve as U.S. Army Europe's chief of staff

Jim Tice Army Times 7/31/2014

A German Army brigadier general who recently served with NATO forces in Afghanistan is assuming duties as the chief of staff of U. S. Army Europe, the first time a non-American officer has held that position.

Brig. Gen. Markus Laubenthal, most recently the commander of Germany’s 12th Panzer Brigade in […]

The G8 is dead declares Merkel as Europe prepares to ramp up EU sanctions against Russia

EU leaders are set to meet in Brussels to discuss developments in Ukraine German Chancellor Angela Merkel says EU will impose more sanctions on Russia after its troops seized majority control of Crimea She also told the German parliament the G8 forum is suspended indefinitely


Suzannah Hills The Daily Mail [UK] 20 March […]

Green Fade-Out: Europe to Ditch Climate Protection Goals

The EU’s reputation as a model of environmental responsibility may soon be history. The European Commission wants to forgo ambitious climate protection goals and pave the way for fracking — jeopardizing Germany’s touted energy revolution in the process.

Gregor Peter Schmitz Der Spiegel 1/15/2014

The climate between Brussels and Berlin is polluted, something European Commission […]

As Europe erupts over US spying, NSA chief says government must stop media

With General Alexander calling for NSA reporting to be halted, US and UK credibility as guardians of press freedom is crushed

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Glenn […]

Merkel Protests ECB’s Call for Banks to Surrender Control to Central Power

Becket Adams The Blaze 9/17/2012

European Union officials proposed last week a measure calling for national governments to surrender control of their banks to a central authority, TheBlaze reported.

However, there’s at least one EU leader who thinks this will point the 17-nation union in the wrong direction.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is digging in […]

Merkel: Europe Will Never Share All Of Our Debts For ‘As Long As I Live’

Joe Weisenthal Business Insider 6/26/2012

This comment from Angela Merkel just now is causing ripples through markets…

Luke Baker at Reuters tweeted

Merkel: Europe wil not have shared liability for debt “as long as I live.” #euco

That sounds really intense.

In two follow up tweets he clarified:

What Merkel actually said: Europe will […]